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Bubble Butt - Camo Green


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Nebbia - Bubble Butt - Blue (252)

A combination of the popular Army Style and leggings that perfect your curves Bring out! - that and much more will come together in your future favorite leggings. The Bubble Butt Pant Leggings were designed for all of us who love the leggings outside of the gym and they are made for all rough ladies!

They are quilted with contrasting seams that copy the natural curves of the figure to highlight them . They also have rounded trouser pockets that visually enlarge the buttocks and a small special feature - a draping that beautifies the effect of a beautifully round bottom! They are made of elastic material designed for all-day wear. Inside an elastic band with small silicone "N" is sewn in, thanks to which you sit exactly where you should. Thanks to their jeans design, you can go anywhere in them and feel wonderful all day long and like in the best leggings.

- Skin-tight cut in jeans style
- shiny camo design
- forming stitching
- draping on the rear side
- elastic belt with silicone on the inside
- pockets on the front and back
- NEBBIA logo on the belt loop and a patch on the back of the belt
- A button to underline the jeans look
- Material: 90% nylon, 10% elastane

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