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AW Langer Mantel - Grey


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Nebbia - AW Long Coat - Gray (724)

We present you the most fashionable piece of the new AW-Line collection, the brings a new era of fitness clothing!

The AW Line collection is intended for all men who want to be stylish and are not afraid of new trends. The new collection is full of modern and trendy pieces, but also offers the ultimate comfort during exercise.

Are you ready to show off your style? Forget boring jackets and sweatshirts. Forget clothes that make you disappear in the crowd. This coat is a perfect combination of comfort and style. We create new TRENDS for fitness fashion!

Transform every outfit into a new era of the modern fitness dress code! Who says you can't look good on the way to the gym? Modern, elongated cut, wide hoodie and trendy double-edged raw hems. Minimalist logo combined with NEBBIA tape on the inside of the lower edge. Loose cut and casual design. Maximum comfort, maximum style!

The fur is made of a material that is fine and comfortable and feels pleasant. You can wear the coat on cooler days, and we're sure it's not a garment that you only wear for sporting activities. The new AW Line collection is characterized above all by its well thought-out design and perfect materials. Thanks to the interesting design of the coat we bring the new trend NOW together with YOU!

- wide modern hoodie
- trendy elongated cut
- fine comfortable material
- stripes with NEBBIA print in Coat
- loosely cut
- minimalist print
- Material: 85% cotton, 15% polyester

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